Welcome to Mrs Miggins’ Middle

Polly aka Mrs Miggins is a quintessentially British Belly Dancer. Her work as a dance teacher, both privately and inside the NHS, and as a sought after performer make her a core part of the thriving Belly Dance scene in the UK. This scene is small, dedicated and highly skilled.

Currently public interest in the dance form is high classes are full; status is rising as people learn and experience the dance for themselves. There is a tribe of Tribal Belly dancers from South London and a Troupe of women from a wide variety of backgrounds who dance regularly at Belly Beats and other events in London.

Polly has brought them together with the joy and dedication of her classes to celebrate belly dance together and to be beheld.

Most importantly belly dance can be performed by anyone regardless of their age or body type. This is why belly dance is so popular as an exercise form.

We hope you enjoy this site and that it gives you the encouragement to experience for yourself the joy, community and heath benefits that Belly Dance can provide.


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