The Benefits of Belly Dance.

The positive benefits are numerous.  Practiced reguarly belly dance can help weight loss, tone muscles, improve cardiovascular capacity as any exercise can.  Belly dance is especially good at improving pelvic floor muscles, self esteem, general wellbeing and confidence. Depression and anxiety have been relieved.

Belly Dance is the perfect pre and postnatal exercise.  Mothers with very young babies are welcome to bring them to classes.  Contact Polly for more information.

Students have been referred to Polly’s classes from King’s College Gynaecological department and it has improved arthritic conditions, sciatica, bad backs and problems caused by slow metabolisms. Also good for mental wellbeing.

Many of the movements provide self-massage for the dancer.  The music patterns in Baledi and other folk rhythms allow emotions to be experienced and therefore deep healing can occur.

Drumming sessions (see classes) are surprisingly good at keeping the body toned.  Also excellent for mental agility and wellbeing.



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