The Character that inspired Polly to take the Mrs Miggins’ name is from the Black Adder Comedy series written by Rowan Atkinson.  The show was set in medieval England and Mrs Miggins was an owner of a pie shop who was innocent and sweet.

During this time the dominant religion was the Church of England. Queen Elizabeth I was establishing it’s strength and suppressing Catholicism (in a nutshell!)  Both religions frown upon the body, pleasure and women in general! Belly Dance was and still is by some seen as Pagan, unholy, sinful….

Due to our cultural history there are lots of hang-ups to be put aside before British Belly Dancers dance.  Through Belly Dance we women can reclaim our physical heritage.  Belly Dance provides an opportunity to contact your spirit via the physical realm.

In Britain now there are many cultures, the British Empire was such that many cultures were influenced by the ideals and hang ups of these fair isles.


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